You're in the right place for reserving your tickets for Swift Craft 2024! Below, you'll find all the tickets we have available.

Please note that we have three sets of prices. We wanted to provide a more affordable option for those paying for themselves as individuals - or working for a small company with just a few (less than 5) people. If that's you please click the "Indie" tab (shown by default). Otherwise please use the "Standard prices" tab.

Or if you are a student then you get an even bigger discount! Please see the dedicated Students if you're not sure if you are eligible.

We also have big discounts if you are are looking for a role in the Apple Developer ecosystem (either unemployed, or looking to break in for the first time). See the Job Seekers pages for full details and to apply.

The email address used to register will be used for sending a small number of emails containing important information as we get closer to, or during, the event.

Ticket options, below, provided by

Cancellation policy

Purchased tickets may be cancelled for a full refund, less a 5% processing fee, up to four weeks before the event.

From four weeks to five days before the event the cancellation fee is 25%.

During the last five days before the event the cancellation fee is 50%.

Payment methods

Ticketing is provided by and credit card processing by Stripe. Please email us if you need to pay for tickets by invoice and bank transfer.