Get to Swift Craft for just £90!

If you are between jobs, or perhaps working in another area and looking to break in to iOS or Swift development, it can be a challenge to get to events like Swift Craft. That's a shame as they offer excellent opportunities to learn, network and even speak directly to people who may be hiring.

So we've come up with a solution. If you are in this situation we are offering a very generous discount. We're hoping to pay it forward. When you do land that perfect role we want you to remember us and come back as a regular attendee.

What are the discounted rates?

For the two main conference days you'll pay just £90 (inc VAT), or £60 if you can only do one of the days. The workshops day and tutorials day would be £90 each (all including VAT).

Who qualifies for this discount

If you are unemployed at the time of the event you are eligible. If you are employed, but not as a Swift, iOS or other Apple Ecosystem developer, and are looking for your first role you are also eligible. If you are already working in a primarily Apple Ecosystem role, but just looking for a new role, you are not eligible (but we hope you'll join us anyway).

If you the last case applies to you but you believe you have special circumstances, please apply anyway and give as much detail as possible and we'll consider you case.

How do I apply?

Please submit an application via this short form.