When is the next conference?

The next - and first - edition of Swift Craft will run from Tuesday 21st May to Friday 24th May 2024. Tuesday and Wednesday will be training workshops, with the main conference running Thursday and Friday.

How can I buy tickets?

All tickets are now available.

Where is Swift Craft held and how can I get there?

Swift Craft is held at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone, Kent. The address of the venue is:

  • Leas Cliff Hall, The Leas, Folkestone CT20 2DZ

To get there please see our dedicated travel page.

How is the programme put together?

The programme will go through a round of anonymized reviews followed by a de-anonymized second stage to ensure balance and fairness - and a great programme!

Who runs the conference

The event is being organised and run by Shaved Yaks Ltd - a small, independent, company founded by Phil Nash for event management, consulting and training. Shaved Yaks also run several other developer conferences, including C++ on Sea and ACCU. We also have Paul Ardeleanu on our team helping with speaker selection and outreach and advising on overall organsation.

How can we sponsor the conference

Our sponsorship package is available, on request, by contacting us here.