NavigationStack: The Navigator You've Been Waiting For

Muralidharan Kathiresan

⏱ 60 minute session
11:45-12:30, Thursday, 23rd May 2024

NavigationStack - a revolutionary solution from Apple for iOS Devs for enhancing SwiftUI navigation and overcoming the limitations inherent in NavigationView.

This presentation is your gateway to a reimagined approach to app design.

Traditionally, creating native iOS apps with SwiftUI posed challenges, primarily due to the constraints of its built-in navigation capabilities. Consequently, developers often resorted to using UIKit for their navigation requirements. However, NavigationStack, a purpose-built framework tailored for SwiftUI, has shattered this constraint.

This talk seeks to unveil the NavigationStack's potential. By harnessing its power, developers can seamlessly construct navigation flows within SwiftUI applications. We'll delve into the framework's diverse functionalities, showcasing its role as an invaluable companion in surmounting SwiftUI's navigation challenges.


  • challenges encountered in native iOS app development using SwiftUI's native navigation capabilities.
  • the common adoption of UIKit for navigation in SwiftUI apps.
  • introduction to the NavigationStack
  • deep dive into the NavigationStack's features and functionalities.
  • practical demonstrations exemplifying the advantages it offers to SwiftUI navigation.
  • best practices and insights for seamlessly integrating the NavigationStack into your SwiftUI projects.

🏷 NavigationStack
🏷 SwiftUI
🏷 Navigation
🏷 UIKit
🏷 NavigationView

Muralidharan Kathiresan

Murali is an experienced Senior iOS Developer with more than 10 years of expertise in Mobile App Development.
He is also the co-creator and co-author of, a weekly blog that focuses on iOS Development.
Murali believes in writing clean and organized code and prioritizes testing as the first step. He enjoys collaborating and learning from the community to enhance his skills.