Bridging Apps with iOS Multipeer Connectivity

Zamzam Farzamipooya

⏱ 60 minute session
14:30-15:30, Friday, 24th May 2024
Join this session for an engaging and insightful talk about multipeer connectivity. This talk is all about exploring how you can use iOS's multipeer connectivity to enhance your apps and implement new ideas with this technology.

You'll learn the ins and outs of setting up direct communication between devices, including how to transfer data and control functions across different apps just by being nearby. I will walk you through real-world examples and straightforward demos that show you just how powerful and fun this feature can be. Whether you're looking to create interactive games, collaborative tools, or just want to understand the potential of iOS's multipeer connectivity, this talk has something for you. Get ready to up your Swift game and bring a new edge to your app development!

🏷 swift
🏷 iOS
🏷 multipeerConnectivity

Zamzam Farzamipooya

Zamzam is an engineering manger with deep knowledge in AI and mobile technology, currently advancing her expertise at Veo Technologies in Copenhagen. A movie enthusiast post-work 🎥 and world traveler at her heart 🌍