Back to the Future: Swift 6 edition!

Pol Piella Abadia

⏱ 90-min-workshop
11:00-12:30, Thursday, 23rd May 2024
The next major version of Swift is expected to bring several major changes to the language to make it safer and more developer-friendly.

While some of these features will greatly improve our experience as Swift developers, they will also introduce breaking changes and compatibility issues. That's why I put together this talk, where I will outline and explain all the upcoming and show you, with plenty of code examples, what you can start doing now to get ready for Swift 6.

🏷 swift
🏷 future
🏷 upcoming
🏷 concurrency

Pol Piella Abadia

Hi! I'm Pol, I am a content creator and iOS Developer with more than 6 years of experience in the industry. I split my time between my job working on the Glovo iOS app, shipping my own apps (QReate and NowPlaying) and creating content online. I also enjoy attending and speaking at conferences and meetups all over the world.