Cheaper than a Vision Pro

19th January 2024 at 20:30

The long awaited Apple Vision Pro launched in the US today (as this is written).

What does that have to do with Swift Craft? Other than it being an Apple product - and a new Apple platform?

visionOS proposals and speaker selection update

Well, firstly, being a new Apple platform is definitely of interest to many Swift and iOS developers. Our final speaker selections have not been made, yet, but I can tell you that, out of the (incredible!) 129 proposals we recieved, 8 of them are specifically about visionOS or Spatial Computing! Compare that to the 3 proposals related to watchOS and you can see that there is a lot of interest in visionOS in the developer community.

3D-note, keynotes

We're going to try and record at least the keynotes in Spatial Video (as an experiment on the side - we'll still have the normal 2D recordings). We don't know, yet, if this will be the second best way to consume conference content (other than being there) or a faddish novelty - but we'll be there blazing the trail anyway 🙃


And finally, as the title suggests, if your budget doesn't stretch to a Vision Pro this time round (or you can't get one outside the US) the good news is that it's much more likely to stretch to a ticket to the first ever Swift Craft! And that's all the more true while they are still in Early Bird pricing. That discounted rate will run until the speaker selection is announced, which is due the first week of February - so don't delay!

Don't worry - there's enough awesome submissions to put on at least three full world-class conferences the size of Swift Craft - so you can't go wrong!