Swift, Swift Data, and SwiftData

Paul Hudson

⏱ 1-day-workshop
10:00-18:00, Tuesday, 21st May 2024
In this workshop we'll walk through how to build great apps with SwiftData using Swift and SwiftUI. This will take you from zero SwiftData experience through to building a complete SwiftUI app with sorting, filtering, relationships, CloudKit support, and more, and we'll also examine how Swift's new Observation system is central to the whole shebang.


Please ensure you come with the latest Xcode installed on your laptop – this is a hands-on workshop, and you'll be required to write a lot of code.

🏷 swiftdata
🏷 core data
🏷 observable
🏷 swiftui

Paul Hudson

Paul is the author of Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Swift Design Patterns, Testing Swift, Swift Coding Challenges, and more. Suffice it to say, he quite likes Swift. And coffee. (But mostly Swift.) (And coffee.)