Making the most of subscriptions

Anum Mian

⏱ 60 minute session
09:30-10:30, Friday, 24th May 2024
Auto renewable subscriptions are one of the most effective ways to monetise mobile apps.

This talk explores various ways to acquire as well as retain subscribers. We will delve in to the tools and strategies that can help us with that.

Bonus: At the end of the talk, I will share some of the techniques successful apps use to increase their subscription revenue.

🏷 subscriptions
🏷 auto-renewable
🏷 promotional offers
🏷 offer codes
🏷 introductory offers

Anum Mian

iOS Contractor with 13 years of experience. Have worked on a few well known apps such as Chase UK, Sky Go & The Guardian, but also enjoyed working with several startups. Main area of interest is renewable subscriptions.